◦ one indigenous (paleo-american bark-covered dwelling structure,


Room 1 – 
to 1785, in a Word document that includes:
• 2 Images of Different Buildings:  not larger than 800 x 800 pixels and placed into the Word document that includes:
◦ One indigenous (Paleo-American bark-covered dwelling structure, recreated to represent Siouan-speaking Totero in Valley and Ridge ) and the other American colonial from before 1785
◦ Caption
◦ Location and date
◦ Style
◦ Architect (if known)
◦ URL of image source
• Paragraph on Difference in Buildings: A 300-word (minimum) paragraph added to the Microsoft Word document that notes the difference in the buildings’ construction through:
◦ The difference in their construction (structure and methods
◦ Materials
◦ Circulation (movement of people)
◦ Detail elements
◦ Relation to its context (nature/urban situation)
◦ Designate their styles and describe how each represents that style.
• Paragraph of Comparison and Contrast: A 200-word (minimum) paragraph added to the Microsoft Word document that compares and contrasts these two buildings on:
◦ Their relationship to the civic rituals of the time
◦ Their relationship to the domestic rituals of the time
◦ Their relationship to the religious rituals of the time
◦ Roles of its occupants, staff, and visitors
◦ What do these buildings tell us about roles of its occupants, staff, and/or visitors, and what is important?
• Proposed Design: A 200-word (minimum) paragraph added to the Microsoft Word document that includes the following:
◦ The proposed design for Room 1 in which these two buildings will be displayed
◦ Experience of entering and exiting the room
◦ What the displays look like
Describe the experience of entering and exiting the room, what the displays will look like, their relation to one another, and how a visitor will transition from one display to the next. Describe the feeling of the parts of the room so that the room demonstrates the “critical” relationship between the two buildings’ styles and their ritual use. 

• MLA citations to all images and scholarly sources consulted
• Note: Avoid the use of direct quotes throughout the presentation. Paraphrase most of your information, citing the MLA sources for the ideas within your text, with the full bibliographical citation at the end.

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