1. compare and contrast strategic and tactical analysis and its


Answer each of the following questions in your initial response:

1.  Compare and contrast Strategic and Tactical Analysis and its application to street crimes such as robbery and property crimes such as burglary.  In your opinion is one more suited in addressing criminal behavior?

2.  What is CPTED?  Please elaborate on how CPTED may be an effective means to reduce a criminals Modus operandi?  Provide an example.      

Objective:Instructions:  You must utilize APA 6th edition format in your response. Additionally you need to include at least one (1) referenced source. All forum responses need to be 500 words and include two (2) substantive feedback posts to your peers of 250 words. 

Due Dates: Your initial response is due Thursday night at 11:55 pm EST. Feedback posts are due Sunday night 11:55 pm EST. 

Forum Rubric
 Zero PointsBeginningDevelopingAccomplishedExemplarySubstance (Possible 40 points)Zero points:Student failed to respond to the essay question25 points:Presentation is unclear; a basicunderstanding of the topic and issues is not evident; explanation is lacking; segments of the required answer are lacking; sources and supporting facts are not utilized; length requirements may not have been met.30 points:Student’s initial posting did not meet the length requirement; and/or presentation evidencessome confusion concerning topics under discussion; analysis may be lacking and/or elements of the question are not answered; support and references may be lacking.35 points:Student answered/addressed most aspects of the question/topic posed in the Forum; initial posting met length requirement; abasic understanding of relevant concepts/theories is demonstrated; relevant sources were located; minimal or no facts/examples were used in support of presentation.40 points: Student answered/addressed all aspects of the topic/question posed in the Forum; initial posting met length requirement; analysis of concepts and theories clearlydemonstrates superior knowledge and a clear understanding of the topic; relevant and scholarly resources were located and used appropriately; facts and examples are used in support of presentation.Collaboration (Possible 30 points) Zero points: Student filed none of the required replies.15 points:Studentfiled only one of the required replies OR filed the required replies but failed to meet length requirements.25 points:Student filed theminimum number of replies, meeting the length requirementsand evidencing an understanding of the issues under discussion and the views of colleagues. Student failed to respond to specific queries posed to him by colleagues or by the Instructor.Student did not take initiative in advancing the discussion throughout the week.30 points:Student filed all required replies and they met the length requirement; the replies were substantive, thoughtful responses and contributed to the discussion; student exceeded minimum requirements by answering all queries posed to him by others and remained present and actively engaged in the discussion throughout the week; student reached out to draw others into the conversation and drew connections between and among subjects/issues relevant to the discipline.Timeliness (Possible 10 points) Zero points:Student filed more than two required postings in an untimelymanner.2 points:Studentfiled two required postings in an untimelymanner.7 points:Student filed one required posting in an untimelymanner.10 points:Student filed all required postings in a timely manner.Writing (Possible 10 points)Zero points:Student failed to respond to the essay question4 points: Writing contains several grammatical, punctuation, and/or spelling errors.Language lacks clarity or includes some use of jargon and /or conversational tone; sentence structure is awkward.6 points:Student demonstrates consistent and correct use of the rules of grammar usage, punctuation and spelling,with a few errors; there is room for improvement in writing style and organization.8 points:Student demonstratesconsistent and correct use of the rules of grammar usage, punctuation, and spelling. Language is clear and precise throughout all submissions. Sentences display consistently strong, varied structure and organization is excellent.10 points:Student demonstrates a quality of writing consistent with scholarly works in the relevant discipline; student is facile in the use of subject-matter vocabulary and application of concepts; writing is pleasing to the reader and absolutely error free. Citations (Possible 10 points;zero points if citations are missing)Zero points:Student failed to include APA citation and/or references4 points: Citations of reference sources exist; citations apparently correspond to the correct source but do not enable the reader to locate the source.APA 6thedition format not evident.6 points: Attempts to cite reference sources are made, but the reader has difficulty finding the sources; attempts to use APA 6th edition format are evident but poorly executed8 points:Reference sources are cited as necessary, but some components of the citations are missing and/or APA 6thedition format is faulty in some respects.10 points:Reference sources relied on by the student arecited appropriately and accurately. No writing of others is left without quotation and/or attribution, as appropriate.APA 6thedition format is used correctly and consistently.        Rubric

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