2. read up on the topic in the book (use index in the back of the


I hope all is well. I would like for you to look over this and let me know if you can do this for me. It’s not due until 23rd of February. Thank you for your time.

As indicated in the syllabus, you are required to complete a 50-pt assignment as part of the class.  This will need to be original research and not something previously submitted to another class.

1.     Select one of the following topics.  This should be a topic that you might be interested in.

Attitudes (job related)                    Emotions and moods                                         Emotional Intelligence

Personality                                             Values                                             Workplace ethics

Individual perceptions                   Charismatic leadership                                                     Workplace diversity

Sexual harassment                           Transformational leadership                       Workplace disabilities Perception (Cannot use Rory Sutherland video)

2.     Read up on the topic in the book (use index in the back of the book – topic might be found in multiple locations).

3.     Go to You Tube and research applicable videos on your topic. 

4.     Select 2 appropriate and applicable You Tube Videos that you feel would tie in well to the course material.  By applicable, I mean one that could be used as part of a class that would readily explain and illustrate your concept.  Each video should be no shorter than 5 or so minutes and no longer than 10 – 15 minutes (I am allowing you with discretion here, especially on the high end).

5.     Project output

Part I – Write up a two page summary (minimum) of the material in the book related to your topic.  Formatting instructions should parallel that of mini-projects. If you cannot come up with two full pages from the book content, you may pull in outside sources to supplement the text.  Just make sure you site it as a reference!

Part 2 – Write up a good summary paragraph of each of the two videos.  Make sure you include how much time the video takes up (should be no more than around 10 – 15 minutes, ideally).  Make sure you include a hyperlink to each video.  Your summary paragraph should briefly state what the video is about and why you think it is so good/applicable to the topic you have selected. A good summary paragraph should be in the neighborhood of ¾ – 1 full page.

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