5. make sure you apply the following word techniques below similar to


1.Open a blank Word document

2.Create a resume using the skills you learned in Word.

3.Use the example resume below as a guide and create your own resume base on your personal information. You can also use the videos below as a guide for best practice in creating a resume.

4.If you don’t have a lot of work experience yet, you can substitute work you have done as volunteer, positions held in any community organization like church, sports team, school and other organizations. Mention any work you have done to reflect your leadership, teamwork, reliability, communication skills and other soft skills needed in working in any company.

5. Make sure you apply the following Word techniques below similar to the sample resume below

a. Apply font type, size and color similar to sample

b. Apply bullets

c. Apply similar line and paragraph spacing

d. Apply similar indentations

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