American airline group inc external assessment

 GRADING RUBRIC FOR EXTERNAL ASSESSMENT (Total 70 points) GENERAL REQUIREMENTS (22 points) ___ External Analysis will be minimum 7 double-spaced pages (maximum 12 pages) (6 points) ___ The document is free of spelling and grammatical errors. (4 points) ___ All tables and figures should be numbered and have descriptive titles. (4 points) ___ Avoid “excessive use” of quotation marks (no more than 3 quotes). Use quotations only in special cases, such as when the information is particularly concise or striking in its original form. Write in your own words. (4 points) ___ Your analysis is organized as follows (i.e., section titles). (4 points) TITLE PAGE A. INTRODUCTION (12 points) ___ An introduction that articulates the purpose, contents, and organization of this external analysis is provided. (4 points) ___ A brief history of the organization is provided. (4 points) ___ A business summary of the organization is provided. (4 points) B. EXTERNAL ASSESSMENT (12 points) ___ The audit assesses recent local, national, and/or international trends in each of the following five forces: economic; social, cultural, demographic, and environmental; political, governmental, and legal; technological; and competitive forces. Five subsections are included. (4 points) ___ Use recent data and information for your analysis. (4 points) ___ The assessment includes a discussion of the strategic implications of the above condition(s) and/or trend(s) for the organization’s industry. All the opportunities and threats listed in the EFEM are discussed. (4 points) C. EXTERNAL FACTOR EVALUATION MATRIX (20 points) ___ Ten significant factors that affect the industry and the organization are listed (5 opportunities and 5 threats). (4 points) ___ Opportunities and threats are clear and unambiguous. In particular, the opportunities listed are really opportunities and the threats listed are really threats. (4 points) ___ External factors listed in the EFEM are measurable. (4 points) ___ The EFE is technically correct with respect to weights, ratings, weighted scores, and sum of weighted scores. (4 points) ___ The results and implications of the EFE matrix analysis are briefly discussed in main text. (4 points) D. REFERENCES (4 points) ___ Use APA reference style in References. APA in-text citation style should be in text. (4 points)  Please submit your analysis to Laulima Drop Box. It is due on Oct. 11 at 11:59 pm.  The minimum penalty for plagiarism is a zero point for the assignment.  Time New Romans, font size 12, 1-inch margins, double-line spacing except tables (single-line spacing) 

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