Arithmetic in python | Computer Science homework help

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Your task is to read Lesson 2.4 Documentation First Programming, then complete any one of the four programming exercises that start on page 32.  There are two things you should be focussing on — starting your work with documentation first, and creating a simple I-P-O program with user input, processing, and then output.

You should submit two documents– 

  • a python file with only your design comments in the file
  • the finished and working python program file.

You can save the Python twice — once as the python file with just the comments in place using one name for the file, then again with a different name after you insert the instructions to make the program work properly .  You can then upload both files, or zip them together and submit the zip file. 

 One of the programing assignment problems for Chapter 2 involves loan repayment. See the attached word document with the formula you need to use for this problem.