Art 10/17/21 | Psychology homework help

 This link will take you to the YouTube channel for Oleg Berg, a musician from the Ukraine. Here’s what he says about his work: ” Hello! I am Oleg Berg, a musician from Donetsk, Ukraine. This is experimental music project of me and my daughter Diana. I digitally re-edit famous compositions altering harmonic scale. It may sound surprising and unusual, but it is always interesting.”

These are classic songs that were composed in either a major or minor key. Berg reworks them in the opposite key and completely changes the sound of them. They’re really fun to listen to and definitely jarring (YouTube has other versions of this same project by other DJs).

Using Oleg Berg’s Youtube channel (or related major/minor changes), pick a song that has been transposed into the opposite key. Listen to both the Oleg Berg version and the original version of the song. Write a response that compares and contrasts what you hear as the difference between the two songs. Questions that may help you in this assignment include: How do the two versions affect you as a listener? Why do you think the original key was chosen by the original artist? Which do you prefer? Why? 

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