Assignment #1: policy implementation and client advocacy assignment

3-4 pages, APA, Reference Page

1. Identify and describe a child welfare policy.

2. State the mission of the agency and identify another type of advocacy that may be effective in serving clients at the Maryland Office of Public Defender.

3. What organizational policies would enhance the client service delivery system at Maryland Office of Public Defender (thus enhance clients’ quality of life and social functioning)? Think of this exercise as an agency’s determined effort for improvement.

4. Discuss the importance of advocacy in the urban community and how it is relevant to this client and/or community.

5. Now imagine yourself as the newly appointed director. In view of the agency’s mission(, appoint an advisory board of (9) members (Just be creative and make up an advisory board).

6. Select the participants based upon their influence for supporting future agency accomplishments. Who would you select and why?

7. How would you collaborate with colleagues and clients for effective policy action?

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