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Use your textbook, any related videos listed on the course homepage and related powerpoint presentations posted on the course homepage to respond to all ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONS.  Responses should be thorough, include definitions, examples, and demonstrate clear understanding of conceptual objectives listed on the Syllabus.  Each response should be 3-4 pages in length and double spaced. APA FORMAT

Match the correct chapter readings with the topics below.  Depending on what edition you use the chapter numbers may be different.  So, read the correct chapter according to each question topic. 


Chapter 2 – Studying Social Life: Sociological Research Methods


Please read chapter on research methods in sociology and related  PowerPoint and videos on Course Homepage to address the following question.  Be sure to use terms from your textbook and posted review sheets on the course homepage, as well as information gleamed from the powerpoint presentation.

Describe in detail each of the seven steps of the sociological research process (as outlined in the course powerpoint): (describe what is involved in each step and give examples from major sociological studies cited in the related websites).

1.     define the variables (dependent and independent variables; cause vs. correlation)

2.     write a hypothesis

3.     conduct literature review

4.     select a research design (observation, experiment, survey, case study, content analysis)

5.     collect the data (do the research)

6.     analyze the data

7.     draw conclusions (generalizations and inferences)

Stanford Prison Experiment

Black Like Me

Tally’s Corner



Video for Chapter 2 

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