Blockchain overcoming security issues in online transactions/banking

Write a 16 pages research paper (excluding title page, abstract, references).

Paper Structure: 

  • Title page 
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Problem Statement 
  • Blockchain Usage and Benefits
  • Blockchain Architecture (In-Depth) 
  • Blockchain disadvantages 
  • Blockchain Security features 
  • Blockchain Types 
  • Current System, Banking
  • Research Methodology (Surveying Other Research)
  • Literature review (In-depth) See attached file
  • Build at least three research questions
  • Blockchain Solution to issues found in your chosen topic and answers to the research questions. 
  • Conclusion and Discussion 
  • References

Select 30-40 peer-reviewed journals and discuss Blockchain technology’s work in your chosen topic. 

Reference list Formatting: Must use in-text APA…References are made for each paragraph/sentence used. If In-text APA is not used, your paper will have a 50% deduction. 

A reference list must be provided: a minimum number of references (total 40-50-Peer reviewed journals) 

  • Use Time New Roman 
  • Font 12
  • Make use of Headings and Subheadings.
  • Minimum five images and tables. 

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