Business plan – business majors only please

For this assignment we are to create a Business Plan for a start-up company


Need to create a start-up business plan for an online business.

· Boutique – that sells décor, crafts, jewelry, candles, self-care and T-shirts/ sweatshirts

· Platforms – website and app.

· Funding – $25,000 – $50,000 loan

· Equipment – 2 tables, side table, chairs, cricut machine, glow forge, wood, carfting paper, shipping boxes/ bags, packaging tape, package fillers, logo, envelopes, Thank you cards, UPS/ FedEx account, internet, laptop, labels, website, email address, vendors

· Target – Women, men, new homeowners, teens and up

· Personnel – 2

· Marketing – Facebook, trade shows, Instagram, 

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