Business plan | BUSN 635 | American Public University

Course Objective:

  • Develop the business plan and understand all key components required for successful development and implementation


You will be completing a traditional Business Plan.

  • This assignment DOES NOT need to be in APA format.
  • It should be formatted in an attractive way so as to bring attention to your document. See the attached Sample Report or use this template.
  • Make sure you still use resources/sources within this paper. You will submit a References page before the Appendix in the final paper – formatted according to APA 7th standards.

Business Plan Part 1 (3-4 pages)

  1. Executive Summary will be added in the final plan. Leave a placeholder in this paper.
  2. Company Description (include mission, vision, and goals)
  3. Company Product and Services
  4. Marketing & Sales Plan
  5. SWOT Analysis

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