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Final Business Plan Submission:

Using Assignments 2 and 3 as the basis of your final project

This is the first section of your business plan.  This section of your business plan will also include the executive summary, which will be written last. This section of the business plan should be 2-3 pages. Most of this information will come from your assignment 2 submission.

Section 1: The Business Model

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Product or Service Description
  • Potential Customers
  • The Opportunity
  • The Owners
  • Legal Status of the Organization


This section of the business plan demonstrates the depth and breadth of your research. The bulk of this section will come from Assignment 2. It should be roughly 6 pages.  Use bullets and concise language to keep it short and to the point. This is the section where you will want to include reference to your strategic tools such as SWAT, PEST, Porter’s 5 Forces and other appropriate tools. 

Section 2: Feasibility Analysis

  • Location:
    • Site Issues
    • Home based business? Leasing/Renting/Ownership?
  • Industry & Market Potential:
    • Defining the industry – size, growth, potential
    • Who is the competition
    • Defining the market – potential customer base
    • How much of the market to reasonably expect
  • Protecting your business Potential:


This section also relies heavily on your research, and should be roughly 2-3 pages in length. This research will support decisions you make to create your marketing plan. 

  • Building Brand Image
  • Revenue Streams
    • What combination of things will you sell
    • Service/Product Strategy
  • Pricing
  • Distribution
  • Advertising/Promotion
  • Sales Process


This section requires some research, but relies mainly on your understanding of “how your business will run”. It should be roughly 4 pages in length.

  • Managing Space & Equipment
    • Special items? Where do they come from, how will you acquire them?
    • Office/Retail space
    • Manufacturing?
  • Managing the Process
    • Logistics
    • Purchasing
    • Procedures
    • Quality Control and Customer Service
  • Managing Information
  • Managing People
  • Managing Restrictions and Regulations

Financial Plan

This section describes how your business will manage its finances. This will include three years worth of pro-forma financial documents: Monthly Income Statement, Monthly Cash-Flow and Annual Balance Sheet. You will include a short synopsis (roughly two pages) of your financial projections but the bulk of the information will be in the form of a spreadsheet that you will attach separately.

  • How will I fund the business – Startup Costs
  • Cash position (based on cash-flow analysis)
  • How will the business manage finances – outsourcing.
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Spreadsheet including Income Statement, Cash-Flow, Balance Sheet

Assignment Format

Use APA guidelines.  Your assignment should be 20 to 25 pages plus the cover page and your appendices and references.

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