Case study report on intercontinental hotel group (ihg)

i) Using module models, produce a Situational Analysis describing IHG’s current competitive environment, identifying what you consider to be the complex but tractable problems and truly wicked or soft problems currently facing IHG and the wider International Hotel Industry. ILOs 1, 2 & 6. (30 marks) 

ii) Provide a detailed critical assessment of IHG’s core and functional competences, commenting on IHG’s preparedness for countering the identified critical factors. ILOs 3 & 4. (35 marks) 

iii) From your response to question one (i) above, provide a recommendation for ONE business, corporate or international strategy that IHG should focus on. Provide a full and detailed justification for the option and a brief discussion of the implications for IHG’s functional capabilities to explain how this strategy will be implemented. ILO 4 & 5. (35 marks)  

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