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Healthcare administrators use various financial management tools for analyzing processes, mapping out performance objectives, reviewing case rates, and reviewing pay-for-performance incentives.

Use Google Spreadsheet or Microsoft Excel, along with what you have learned in Chapters 1 through 4, to chart, outline, or diagram at least three policies and/or processes that you, as a healthcare administrator, have determined need improvements. Examine the policies and/or processes that you identified within your discussion in Module Three for this activity. In order to gather three policies and/or processes, you will need to choose policies and/or processes that your classmates identified as well. Then, organize these three policies and/or processes, as well as your justification for selecting each You may use the Module Four Activity Template for this assignment, but using the template is not required.

Upload your chart as an XLS file (Excel or Google Spreadsheet or equivalent).

This activity will help you prepare for Milestone Two.

For additional details, please refer to the Module Four Activity Guidelines and Rubric document.

Rubric attached. 

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