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  1. SafeAssign (SA) provides:A.A percentage that represents how much of the assignment matches data in the SA databaseB.Sources of matching informationC.Color-coded matching phrases in the SA databaseD.All of the above

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  1. Which statement is not a good definition of plagiarism?A.Plagiarism is the paraphrasing of another person’s ideas into your own words and adding an appropriate citation.B.Plagiarism is the use of the views, opinions, or insights of another without acknowledgment.C.Plagiarism is the paraphrasing of another person’s characteristic or original phraseology, metaphor, or other literary device without acknowledgment.D.Plagiarism is the use of intellectual material produced by another person without acknowledging its source.

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  1. Walden and APA do allow for certain circumstances where you may need to cite yourself in your text; however, reusing your own work without proper citation can be considered self-plagiarism.A.TrueB.False

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  1. You read an article, used one of the ideas of the author who wrote the article, and placed a citation at the end of the sentence giving credit to the author. In your paraphrase, you began with the author’s original words but changed some of the words around, using synonyms and deleting/adding some words from the original material. Is this plagiarism?A.Probably, because you did not use your words for the author’s ideas.B.No, because you changed the sentence so it is not copied verbatim.

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  1. Walden University takes academic integrity seriously for student intellectual development. Academic integrity does not include:A.Reusing your own papers/ideas for different courses without citationsB.A free exchange of ideasC.Agreeing to abide by regulations governing work stipulated by the academic unit or academic program and, in turn, the InstructorD.Giving credit to the original author if a person uses or replicates the work

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  1. Your spouse was in an auto accident on the day your 7-page paper is due. You expect your Instructor to be flexible, and he or she must give you extra time to submit your assignment.A.True, the faculty must assist students with emergencies.B.False, contact your Instructor as soon as possible. Describe your situation and see if flexibility may be available.

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  1. Academic integrity violations may include the following: plagiarism, cheating, copyright violations, misrepresentation of credentials, and alteration of University documents.A.TrueB.False

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  1. You withdrew from a class last term and now you want to reuse a paper that you wrote and researched. Can you reuse the paper in a new course?A.You should ask permission from your Instructor first. Since you withdrew but submitted the paper in the previous term, the paper will have a high SafeAssign match percentage. The APA Manual shows how to format your own unpublished work.B.No, it is a violation of academic integrity and Walden University policy.C.Yes, it is your own work and not a violation of the academic integrity policy.

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  1. To prevent plagiarism, the DBA faculty recommend that you use primarily direct quotations rather than paraphrasing. Using direct quotations is more scholarly than putting another author’s ideas into your own words and using a citation for acknowledgment.A.TrueB.False

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  1. Joe submits his paper to SafeAssign (SA) and the results indicate that 33% of the paper matches sources in the SA database. Joe has committed plagiarism. True or false?A.TrueB.FalseC.Not necessarily

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