Complete basic stats class | Statistics homework help

Math 1303 Summer course from today until August 6th. Need myopenmath assignments, discussions and individual assignments completed. THERE ARE NO TESTS IN THIS CLASS

Also need someone willing to do an installment plan for whatever price we agree to.Payments need to be broken up into 3 or 4 installments depending on amount. I’ve done this before with no issues.

I’d like an A in the class

Per syllabus:

Assignment 1: Myopenmath] This is where you actually get to practice. What we will discuss in class. This counts as 42.5% of your grade 

Assignment 2: [Individual Assignments]We will have several individual assignments where you will get the opportunity to analyze (practice) what we are learning in real world situations.  Most of these will directly/indirectly relate to pandemics as this is where we are currently/globally.  This counts as 42.5% of your grade

Assignment 3: [Discussion]Because we will be an online class, it is imperative that you respond and participate in discussions.  It is one way that we can share thoughts/ideas of the topics learned. (15%)

Assignment 4: TestYou will not have any tests in this class, your individual assignments, homework, and discussions are what I will be using to determine the amount of learning taking place.  Please make sure you are keeping up with all your work.

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