Consumer behavior | consumer behavior

must submit an individual report in which, after careful consideration and reviewing the specific topic, they provide strategic recommendations to a company, based on consumer behavior theories and analysis, as well as identification of trends within that particular industry. The expected sections and table of contents of this report are: 

• Introduction: Purpose of the project and key information for the company (no more than 300 words) • Definition of the customers and their behavior: Addressing geographic and demographic segmentation and developing psychological and behavioral aspects. 

• Key considerations: Factors that affect the behavior of consumers considering the profile given in the previous definition.

 • Consumer trends: What are the current trends affecting the behavior of consumers? It is mandatory that you include updated information and references. 

• Strategic recommendations: Considering the report that you have developed, and the information analyzed, recommend two strategies for the company to implement concerning consumer behavior. Make sure that they are specific, the company should know exactly what to do and how to do it; avoid using general statements or simply pointing out to strategies. 

Rather, fully develop them including all pertinent details and explaining why the company should do these two actions.

 Please beware that the quantity and quality of references are of the utmost relevance towards the credibility of your work, make sure you include in-text citations alongside an appropriate list of references.

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