Create a culture of strategic innovation | Leadership and Organization Strategy | Northcentral University



For this assignment, you will use the organization that you have been using throughout the course. (Tesla)

  1. Discuss this company’s current competition. What other companies are the biggest competitors and how does this company compete with them?
  2. How does this company differentiate itself from its competition? Does it compete based on price, quality, or differentiation?
  3. Based on your research, does this company currently have a competitive advantage within its industry? Why or why not?
  4. Based on the current position in terms of competitive advantage, the current strategies this company has set for the future, and the current culture of the company, as the leader of the organization, analyze how you would you take the company from its current state to one of innovation and competitive advantage. 

Length:  3 – 5 pages

References:  Include a minimum of five scholarly resources. Paper and references must be in APA 7 format

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