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Critical Thinking Presentation

You will submit this document in written form on blackboard as a report with an original chart. You will then present your family and research explanation in class. Please prepare to speak for at least 7 minutes. 

Prompt: Given the changing nature of family, students will describe what they believe the makeup of the average family of 2070 will be. You will specifically predict how the roles of men, women, and children will change.

· Students must cite at least one scholarly source per chosen trend; a minimum of 3 scholarly sources are required for this presentation. (Students will provide historical evidence and current statistics that supports the dynamic nature of the student’s 3 chosen trends) 

· You will present a graph chart of your 3 trends over history to provide evidence for your future predictions. Through research, integration, and analysis of statistical and/or census data related to your chosen trends.

Example trends in families include:

– Shifts in gender roles

– increase in divorce rates

– decline in rates of marriage

– rise in cohabitation

– same-sex-marriage/couple

– increase in singlehood

– unmarried parenthood

– choosing to remain childless

– single parent families/blended families

· Has your opinion of family been affected by what you have learned and has it influenced your thoughts about the future of families?

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