Docuementation for e-commerce website application development

The first part of the project – (Completed)

Build an E-commerce website application (final documentation attached)

The second part  – Open! 

Document how the web application is working and show 3 months progress of sales/operations, etc. 

Update existing word documentation with the below:

1) Gantt Chart showing the past 3 months’ timeline of sales/ operations and activities involved accordingly.

2) Updated ER /Network diagram showing the same

3) Update the final report with additional information showing progressive with  web application.

To do:


1) Updated project charter/ proposal

2) Project plan- Gantt chart – At this point, you should have started the Development phase of your project. Update your project plan (Gantt chart) to reflect completed tasks/sub-tasks.

3) ER diagram/Network diagram/Front -end design – 

You must submit all items as they apply to your project.

Note: Do not mistake or submit data flow diagrams as any of these.

4) Interview/ Presentation – 


Presentations should be clear and precise. Briefly introduce the topic including any background information, describe the investigation, development, or experimentation that was conducted, and provide any demonstrations developed as part of the project.

The following format is suggested:

(1) Title: Name the project and all the team members.

(2) Outline: Summarize the full presentation.

(3) Introduction: Introduce the purpose and goals of the project. Provide any background material necessary to understand the presentation.

(4) Investigation, development, or experimentation conducted: Describe the actual work performed during the project.

(5) Results: Show any demonstrations developed or results achieved in the project.

(6) Conclusion

(7) Questions and discussion.

5) Final Documentation 

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