Due tuesday 500 words | Biology homework help

Please ensure that your discussion is well formulated correctly with proper grammar. Please check spell and grammar check your post before submission.  All discussion posts should be no less than 500 words.  Although your opinion is valuable, your response should include factual information supported by the literature in academic writing. An example of a well-formulated post will be included in the course.

Additionally, please do not include the discussion prompt (Question ) within your post.  Any post not well formulated with several grammar errors will result in a grade deduction of 3 points. Discussion post not meeting the minimal word count will receive a grade of 0, with no exceptions.

All discussion posts should include a work cite or reference sourcing your information. For APA formatting, please include an in-text citation. 

Be sure to minimize the number of direct quotes within a passage and paraphrase when possible.  Work cited from sources should be referenced in an in-text citation and a work cited at the end of your discussion post. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Discussion posts with 35% plagiarism will receive a grade of  0, with no exceptions. 

Discussion posts not submitted by the due date will receive a grade of 0, with no exceptions.

Discussion Prompt 

Do you think that current drug laws reflect the relative dangers of various legal and illegal drugs? If you were to revise the current drug laws, what data would you use to decide which drugs should be tightly controlled and which could be freely available?

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