E4-1 the trial balance columns of the worksheet for briscoe company

E4-1 The trial balance columns of the worksheet for Briscoe Company at June 30, 2008, are as follows:

BRISCOE COMPANYWorksheetFor the Month Ended June 30, 2008Trial BalanceAccount Titles Dr. Cr. Cash $2,320 Accounts Receivable 2,440 Supplies 1,880 Accounts Payable $1,120 Unearned Revenue 240 Common Stock 3,600 Service Revenue 2,400 Salaries Expense 560 Miscellaneous Expense 160 $7,360 $7,360

Other data:

1. A physical count reveals $300 of supplies on hand.2. $100 of the unearned revenue is still unearned at month-end.3. Accrued salaries are $280.
InstructionsEnter the trial balance on a worksheet and complete the worksheet.

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