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compare and contrast the culture by selecting only one group (each group contains three specific countries that you are to research) from the following list:

Group 3: India, Philippines, and South Africa

  • Scholarly sources are to be used for the final research paper (Blogs, magazine articles, and newspaper articles are not considered scholarly).
  • Use multiple double-spaced paragraphs with centered main headings and left aligned subheadings
  • Cite with in text citations every paragraph
  • Elaborate in your own words, content that you found of interest and that relates to educational systems and student life in selected group of three countries by comparing and contrasting. 
  • Do not copy/paste content from the article(s) or use word-for-word direct quotes (“”).
  • Each paragraph in the Final Research Paper will require in text citations.
  • The Final Research Paper will consist of a Title Page, an Introduction (approx. one half of content), a Discussion section (five to six pages of content), a Conclusion (approx. one half page of content), and a References list (a minimum of five scholarly sources used in your research paper in APA format, double-spacing, and hanging indent).
  • Do not copy/paste content from the article(s) or use word-for-word direct quotes (“”).
  • Use APA style format for page headers, Title Page, Discussion section, and References list.
  • Please be sure to cite where you found the information used in your research paper. 
  • Use at least five scholarly sources for the information that you use in your research paper. Sources are included as a list of “References”. 
  • Note: Wikipedia, magazine articles, newspaper articles, and blogs cannot be used as sources in the research paper.
  • Conduct a spelling and grammar check on the Final Research Paper content.
  • Writing assignments uploaded to the Assignment folder will be automatically submitted to

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