Final written capstone project | Criminal homework help


All of the sections of the assignments, written throughout this course, come together to form the final paper. One (1) reference list should be used at the end of the final document comprising all of the references that were submitted in the assignments up to this point in the course.

  • Jurisdiction
  • Purpose Statement (elaborate upon the hazard or risk that you have determined needs more analysis preparation from the review of the selected emergency management document)
  • The scope of the Threat or Hazard
  • Situation Overview
  • Planning Assumptions
  • Specific Elaboration on the Hazard and/or Threat identified by the student as needing more elaboration
  • Special Considerations for Preparing for and/or Mitigating Against this Threat or Hazard
  • Other necessary information to be provided (the student may use this area for specific Hazard / Threat information provision particular to the jurisdiction that the student has selected
  • Concept of Operations
  • Organization and Assignment of Responsibilities
  • Communications
  • Funding for the Operations (the Grant Proposal Assignment below).
  • The Grant Proposal should be attached as an appendix.

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