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One of the popular cultures that depict globalization is the American Got Talent television show. The show has other similar format global versions in 184 countries. Some famous examples are Britain Got talent, and Australia Got talent. America Got Talent exhibits globalization in several ways. First, the show is not limited to any culture or country. The contestants in the show hail from all over the world. The participants are Chinese, British, Asian, among others who come to America to showcase their culture and talent at the same time. Secondly, most of its judges are not American. Howie is a Canadian, and both Mel B and the founder Simon Cowell are from the United Kingdom (Boyle, 2015).

The show shows that with globalization, one can work from any part of the world. The contestants come from different countries and are allowed to take part in an American TV show. Also, the show informs us that the world has different cultures. It enables viewers and participants to appreciate other people’s culture, practices, and beliefs. Since the participants, the audience, and judges come across the globe, the show is dotted with a mix of culture in both dressing and behavior. By inviting participants from all over the world, AGT shows that talent is not localized in America but across the globe.

The study of globalization enhances my experience of America Got talent in that the world is interconnected in its pursuit of human wants. Foreign organizations invest in providing a living to another country’s population. In AGT, people from different countries congregate in a competition to give entertainment to the viewers across the globe. A similar content thrills people from different cultures. Additionally, the Got Talent franchise has established related groups in other countries which employ and provide a reward amounting to $ 1 million to the winners.


Boyle, S. (2019). Mel B facing axe from America’s Got Talent over shortage of US judges. Retrieved 25 September 2019, from 

In this module, you will wrap up your draft of Final Project Part One with Milestone Four, and the social sciences lens is the last piece of the puzzle. Look back over the topics you chose to discuss in previous discussions, select one, and reexamine it now through the social sciences. In your initial post, address the following:

Describe or summarize your previous topic

How has your understanding been affected by the social sciences lens?

How does the social sciences lens support the lens you previously used? 

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