(group communication ) join a professional group

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As an undergraduate you may despise class-assigned small   group task forces. Usually you end up doing all the work for the entire   group. Or worse yet, others in the group, refuse to meet for scheduled work   sessions. Or worse yet, the other members of the group make sub-standard   class presentations which causes your grade to suffer…even though you have   done all the work. 


As sad as this may sound, a future employer will expect   that you will be a task force “joiner” in his or her corporation. Joining   small groups on the job is the way relationships in professional life are   formed. If an employer can’t count on you to be willing to initiate   relationships, then he or she can’t count on you to put his or her business   first. 


Your   Assignment: 


Given that joining professional and task force teams are   vitally important to your professional success, I want you to take on the   role of a “Success Coach.” Success coaches are professional advisors who   often make presentations to college students and to working professionals who   wish to deepen their careers by learning new skills. 



In your role as a Success Coach you have often been told   by employers that graduates often do not want to work in groups and seem   unaware of how to document their past small group experiences for employment   interviews. 



By coincidence, the Young Professionals Club of the University   of Toledo has invited you to speak to one of their monthly meetings. The   officers of the club have given you the topic “How To Succeed On Your First   Year On The Job.” 


You find this opportunity to let your audience members   know of the importance of joining task forces and work groups in the staff of   their first employment. 


For your presentation, select 5 main points (partitions)   from the literature below that would prove your point: “If you want success   on the job, you need to be willing to work collaboratively with others.” Your presentation should be 4 pages of text collected from the   articles below that when put together, will prove your main point. see the attachment