Ha499 bachelors capstone in healthcare administration

75 words with reference as a response to post

 Jodi Hestness 

There are several different types of business models, specific to healthcare the product leader, experience leader, the integrator, and health manager. Each specializes in targeting a direct population as well as region. The product leader is the most advanced because they specialize in complex conditions that affect more than one body system. This would include large health systems as well as hospitals. Regionally, this would be national leader in healthcare as well as the possibility of internationally. The experienced leader emphasizes in the patients experience versus the cost of the care provided. The experienced leader directs their care for one body system that only need disease management on a lesser spectrum. The integrator targets lower cost in their facilities such as using stores rather than large financially dense settings. They also are a national body that trends on partnering with other health systems. This is a focal point for the integrator so they can keep the services competitive. The health manager thrives on highly complex populations and trend on launching forward beyond traditional healthcare. They concentrate on advanced data systems to receive increased reimbursements. They also target delivering healthcare in preventative medicine to improve a direct population of health (RevCycleIntelligence, 2019).

I have chosen a private practice podiatry practice for my loan request. I believe that the experienced leader would be the best model for a business plan. The reason is because they provide an exceedingly good patient experience. In private practice you are able to provide a more intimate connection with your patients because your patient load is not as weighted. This provides an excellent approach to private practice healthcare (Kayla Matthews, 2019) . 

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