Hrm 532 week 5 and week 6 dq (in 2 examples)

HRM 532 Week 5  DQ Talent Pool Management and Engagement Research

 Please respond to the following:  Synthesize the key characteristics of an effectively managed talent pool for leaders. Justify how you would initiate and maintain this talent pool of potential leaders. 

Discuss an approach to engagement research that would encompass the necessary components to your profession or industry. Itemize the areas that must be considered in the future talent pool and how one would design research that answers these questions.

HRM 532 Week 6 Building Functional Expertise and Operational Objectives and Talent Management

Please respond to the following:  There are many ways to build functional expertise within an organization. Select one of the key roles in building functional expertise, and prepare a two-year plan to build functional expertise of a newly hired manager. 

Analyze how operational objectives, their relationship to talent management, and the metrics could be applied to evaluate future talent management practices.

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