I need help correcting and completing a accounting cycle workbook!!



For this deliverable, you will complete the accounting cycle and prepare financial statements that will provide the result you need to assess the success of business operations.




Below you will find the data required to make entries in your accounting workbook. Remember that you are following the business transactions for a three-month period from the initial stage of analysis and recording, through the reporting process. These transactions will include:




  • the initial setup of the business

  • cash and credit sales

  • making payments to vendors

  • paying store employees

  • managing debt


    There are 11 steps in my accounting workbook. I have completed steps 1-7. I would need 1-7 to be reviewed and corrected. And would need steps 8-11 done completely.

    Will post actual workbook to the person who accepts my offer.


    Thank You,



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