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Write a Java application program to display the following information:

  1. The assessed value of a house
  2. The local real estate property rate (different based on the location)
  3. The property tax amount

Note: when you write this program, the value of the house and the  property tax are already known. The only value that is missing is the  property tax amount.

The following program calculates the area of a rectangle. You can use it as a reference for this assignment.

public class CalculateArea
    public static void main(String[] args)
          //declare variables

double width, length, area;

width = 5;
          length = 3;
          area = width * length;
          System.out.println(“The area is ” + area + “square meters.”);

Hint: there are different ways to write this program, one option is  to create three double variables for value of the house, tax rate, and  property tax amount.

For example,

      double houseValue = 750000;
      double taxRate = 0.01;
      double propertyTax = houseValue * taxRate;

SLP Assignment Expectations

  • There should be no bugs in the program
  • The program should give the correct result.
  • The output of the program should include at least the following information, but the wording can be different:

The current value of the house:

Local property tax rate:

Property tax due this year:

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