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Assessment overview

This assessment task requires you to write one 400-word journal entry each week on the concepts explored in the first four weeks of the unit. In total you will submit, in a Word document, 4×400- word journal entries. The purpose of this assessment task is to reflect on the knowledge and understandings you acquire from the weekly online activities (specified below). You are expected to draw on the prescribed weekly readings and resources to help support your reflections, as well as independently sourced scholarly literature.

Assessment details

You are required to critically reflect on your learning from each of the FOUR activities listed below: For each journal entry, you must include evidence of the completed weekly activity (clearly indicated in your submission). Please note that your response to the weekly activity itself will not be assessed, however, it must be submitted in order for you to at least pass the assessment task.

Responses to the weekly activities will not be included in the word count. Each journal entry will follow the Connect-Extend-Challenge thinking strategy:

 Connect – how are the ideas and information you’ve explored this week connected to what you already know?

 Extend – in what ways has your thinking been extended by these ideas and this information?

 Challenge – what challenges do you think you will face in applying this knowledge/understanding to your classroom practice?  



Note: i need like 50-word intro to explain what the journals will be about and 50 words conclusion 

i need you to reflect on the weekly activities its all attached 

APA style referencing and 5 references for each journal schorly 

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