Lazio vs Venice results in the Italian League 2021-2022!

Lazio vs Venice results in the Italian League 2021-2022 – Lazio vs Venezia results in the Italian League 2021-2022 are known. Ciro Immobile’s single goal in the 58th minute via a penalty shot brought Lazio a 1-0 win over Venice in the 2021-2022 Italian League.

The match was tough. Lazio did not create many opportunities. However, the team nicknamed the Biancocelesti was superior in ball ability. It’s just that the team made by Maurizio Sarri was dragging to success. Ciro Immobile became a savior for Lazio after his penalty kick in the 58th minute nestled into the Venezia goal.

This result brought Lazio skyrocketed to 5th place in the Italian League 2021-2022. They pocketed 49 points, shifting the position of Atalanta, who dropped to 6th.

Through that success he also carved a classy record at Lazio. Immobile is currently the top scorer during Lazio’s time in the Italian League with a collection of 144 successes. The 32-year-old man surpassed the achievements of legend Silvio Piola who scored 143 successes for Lazio.

The status of the host team, Lazio immediately displays ferocity. They seemed to dominate early on in the half, and took over 71 percent of the ball’s ability.

Lightning strikes are always given massively. Ciro Immobile who became the spearhead is also being sought as a hope for the creation of success.

Even so, the attack formed by Maurizio Sarri’s team Situs Slot88 Gacor was not very efficient. The meeting of Venezia’s defense can make them frustrated. The opportunities that are obtained can also be counted, because only 3 are listed. Worse still, the three attempts were just shots off target.

On the other hand, Venice also looks not so brilliant. 2 opportunities they also could not get to the goal. Due to this, the initial round ended without any success. Lazio is still mighty after halftime. The ability of the ball is still under their control in order to find something successful first, so that they can play Judi Slot Online Terbaik more freely.

After winning, Lazio also continued to provide massive attacks. The reason is, Sarri is aware that the advantage with just one success has not made victory in sight. Unfortunately efforts to increase the advantage also foundered. They were only able to maintain a 1-0 role until the long whistle sounded after there were no bonus wins made by either side.

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