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Individual Learner Title: Cyber Threats Against the Force 

Thesis Statement:  

Cyber threats continue to pose great threat to our country and the military. The U.S. military’s inability to be proactive leaves the force unprepared for the evolving threats.   

Supporting Topic 1: Military Operations within the cyber domain

  1. Protection Forces 
  2. Military capabilities 

Supporting Topic 2:

  1. Vulnerabilities  
  2. Operating in the cyber domain


Must also mention ‘New Threats to Information’ and Improving Information’ in the conclusion as a transition to the next group member white paper.

Prepare a 2.5 to 3 page paper on Cyber Security in the U.S. Military. The paper must use at a minimum 5 references. No running head. Paper must be APA format throughout. Paper must not use passive voice and must be free of grammatic error.