Mapping the construct/ construct mapping

Instructions for Mapping Exercise: In this exercise you will “map” a path FROM the Structural Determinants of Health to a health outcome THROUGH the intermediary determinants of health. You should provide a “flowchart” similar to the example in the lecture slides (or the example provided below) and a narrative describing the processes you have illustrated in your flowchart. Your map must include at least one complete path from a structural determinant to the health outcome (i.e., there should not be any “gaps” in the connections between the mediating constructs in your illustration or narrative.

Mark the “points of potential PH interventions”  in your model (you can simply put a star or symbol on the box with the construct you propose can be changed through intervention).

Provide a narrative (within the text box under your power point slide) identifying and discussing each of the constructs in your model along with Public Health interventions that could be utilized to change the points of intervention you identify. Points will be deducted for lack of correspondence between the structural determinants, the intermediary determinants and the health behavior and outcome, and for unprofessional presentation of your exercise (i.e., poor organization in your writing, misspelling, et.). You do not need to cite literature or provide references in this exercise.

The attached file below is the example for this work.

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