Marketing research assignment | Marketing homework help

Due on: 29th Oct 2017 6pm GMT+8 Singapore Timing 

Attached Marking Rubic and 2 Examples 

Will send Part A upon confirmation of assessment 

Word count: 2000 words 

Referencing: APA Referencing 


Design a marketing research project for a product of your choice. Lately the product has not been performing well. You need to develop a marketing research proposal that identifies the marketing problem and the steps that will enable you to recommend a marketing decision to the products management. The proposal must outline the steps in the research process and the rationale for using them. It must clearly communicate exactly what information will be obtained, where it will be obtained and how it will be obtained. 

Part B: Final Research Proposal (Assignment No. 2). Description Part B: Final Research Proposal.You must incorporate academic literature to support/justify your ideas. Unsubstantiated statements will not provide credibility to your discussion. 

Your Final Research Proposal should include:

 A brief overview of the product/brand 

– Define the Marketing Research Problem 

– Identify and Clarify information needs

– Define the research question/s 

– Specify research objectives

– Confirm the information value 

– Research Design (exploratory, descriptive, causal)

– Method

– Method of Administration including Data Collection Form (for example, questionnaire, moderators guide)

– Data Collection Form

– Sampling Technique 

– Ethical considerations

 – Potential limitations 

– Timeline

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