Organized crime and white collar crime | psy 620


Using a minimum of 4 recent scholarly peered reviewed articles less than 5yrs old for DQ 1 and 3 scholarly peer-reviewed articles for DQ 2 must be cited using APA format 750 words for each topic DQ 1 and DQ2   It should be written separately include the HTTP or DOI for all references used please Note: Please see reading references below:  

Week 7 DQ 1

Have the patterns and trends in Organized Crime, White Collar Crime, and Political Crime been changing in recent years? Has there been any legislation made relative to these crimes that may have affected the patterns and trends?

Week 7 DQ 2

When thinking about Organized Crime, White Collar Crime, and Political Crime, which one do you feel is most serious? Which one makes you the most upset when you hear about it happening in the news? Why?



1.Read Chapter 14 in Introduction to Criminology: Why Do They Do It?


2.Watch “Getting Off Easy: White Collar Crime”
[Video file] In Films on Demand (2011).


3.Explore “Organized Crime” on the FBI website.


4.Explore “White-Collar Crime” on the FBI website.


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