Paragraphs | English homework help


Think about a time when you had an experience with delaying gratification – a time when you had to choose between doing something enjoyable right away or doing something less enjoyable that may provide greater benefits in the future.  Write 2 paragraphs about this experience.  You might use these questions to guide your thinking:  

  •  What made the short-term choice so tempting?  What would be enjoyable about it? 
  • What were the benefits of choosing the less enjoyable option? 
  • If you chose the short-term, enjoyable option, how did that work out?  Was it really a mistake?  Was it as enjoyable as you expected?  Did it cost you anything in the longer term? 
  • If you choose the less enjoyable but more beneficial in the long-term option, why did you make this decision?  How did you convince yourself to choose this option?  Did you really benefit in the long term?

While this is a short writing assignment, your should have a clear purpose and idea to convey.  Do more than describe the experience–identify a clear purpose that you want to convey in the description. The grading rubric includes the criteria:  Has a clear, central purpose or idea.

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