Personal ethics framework – prompt

  • PEF Part 1 – In part one you create your PEF.  This will entail a concise description of your core values (usually no more than three values) that serve as foundational drivers for your ethical decision making.  The PEF also entails a description or image of the process you will go though when confronted with a challenging ethical decision.  Please keep in mind the ultimate audience for your PEF is you.  As your PEF is designed to align with your values and thinking processes, each PEF across the class should be as unique as each of you.  Although we do not want to over prescribe, limit the creativity, or narrow the diversity of your PEF ― attached is a Google search of some PEF process models to help form a general idea of the overall direction:  personal ethics framework – Google Search

      The first part should be no more than 1,800 words, but more concise PEFs are encouraged.

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