personal narrative story (plagiarism free)

You are going to write a story about something that has happened to you. AKA a memoir or a memory.  The following are guidelines for the paper:


(A Personal Narrative story on failing the learning permit test.:

These are so points that u can add to the story. (cousin making fun of me for fail 5 times, I was told i was cheating because I was moving my month while i was reading.)



·         Descriptive Details-five senses, feel like we’re there.

·         Voice-it sounds like you

·         1 Event (1 minute max-5 min. max)

·         Background information (comes with details)-information needed to understand the story

·         Catchy beginning-pulls us in/grab our attention.

·         Clear Order-not confusing

·         Shows what it means to you (Mood or tone)

·         Runs Smooth

·         Proper conventions

·         NO !, NO abbreviations (lol, omg, &, #, w/)



·         PG- within reason

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