Please answer questions in measuerment and evaluation psychology

there are 4 attachments, three of them PDF files from the text book and the fourth is a sheet of paper that has the questions. You have to read the files in order to answer the questions.


NOTE: Question Number ((( 2 ))) in the question sheet. Which states (( Answer (Questions #7 and #10, pg. 65))) these questions( 7+10) are on the PDF files that I attached, you have to answer them plus the questions which already were written in the sheet. so There are Qs ( 7+10 ) written in PDF files + The questions those are already in the sheet. you have to read and then answer them all. there are 9 questions in total. Some of them has small questions under them.


NOTE: The answers should be clear and simple. because English is my second language.

It is due on Feb 9. 2016

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