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For this Discussion, consider one state or national problem/challenging factor you might encounter when working with the Latino/a American population, and one you may encounter when working with Arab/Muslim American populations. You may select a problem/challenging factor that impacts both groups. Consider challenges with immigration, discrimination, poverty, and lack of resources, language barriers, and acculturative stresses.

Please respond to the following:

· Identify the state or national problem/challenging factor you have selected for each group. If choosing a state challenge, include the state you have selected.

· Discuss how the problem/challenging factor impacts the cross-cultural group.

· Why is addressing this problem/challenging factor important in the cross-cultural work you will do with this population?

· Select two of the following cultural values: family, religion, acculturation, gender expectations, roles, or education. Explain the implications of addressing these cultural values in your cross-cultural work with clients from either a Latino/a or an Arab/Muslim population.

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