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 Refer to the event you wrote about in  Emergency Management Response about Hurricane Katrina  


Develop a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint presentation in which you analyze the work of the secondary responders (i.e., non-law enforcement, such as EPA, Coast Guard, engineers, etc.) in the aftermath of the emergency. Exclude details about police and fire response, as they are primary responders. In your presentation:

· Background on Hurricane Katrina 

-Identify the secondary responders and their roles as they supported the event.

· Explain the key components of the incident command system (ICS).

· Outline applicable crisis response objectives for the incident; this includes the major tasks necessary to resolve the emergency.

· Discuss challenges faced by leaders in working through the event.

Include at least 2 academic sources in your presentation.

Format  Include a title slide, introduction slide, conclusion slide, and reference slide. Use bullet statements in the body and use the speaker’s notes to support the information in the body of the slides.

Some sources you can use along with any other academic 





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