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Project 1

The Board of Governors of the U.S. Federal Reserve System places public domain data on the Internet for analysis. Below is a link to a Federal Reserve Excel file of currency in circulation, by week, from January 1984 through October 2017. (Specific details about the data and source are documented by the Federal Reserve in Rows 1 through 11; following, the raw data begins in Row 12).

 *   Federal Reserve Currency in Circulation (WCURCIR) Excel File<>

In Project 1 you will be preparing an executive briefing into which you have inserted a graph produced in Excel. The first part of the directions describe the graph; the second part describes the background of the overall project.


 1.  Use the Federal Reserve data set provided in the link to prepare a professional graph (using Excel) of “U.S. Currency in Circulation.” Landmarks (on the abscissa) should be in 5-year periods with currency expressed in billions of dollars (on the ordinate). Ensure that the graph (a) clearly articulates the data in a meaningful way, (b) is free of distortion, and (c) is sized and labeled to be inserted into your business report. Note: You may want to review the help resources available from Microsoft Office or Microsoft Word regarding the insertion of an Excel chart into a Word document. The file linked here is for your own reference in completing the assignment.
 2.  Your manager must attend a meeting where she will be expected to discuss a new global venture. In preparation for the meeting, she asks you to provide a document explaining pertinent issues surrounding the state of U.S. dollars in circulation and the relationship of this information to doing business abroad. Prepare a 250- to 350-word executive briefing that discusses current perspectives about the amount of currency in circulation. Be concise and include only information that will assist management in their decision-making relative to this new venture. Support your findings by analyzing your graph, making sure to infuse quantitative information into the discourse. Use only credible resources to support your position and claims. Use APA citation format for both in-text references and bibliographic entries.

The important point about inserting visuals: All visuals must be labeled (e.g. Figure 1 or Table X), captioned, and anchored within the text (e.g. ‘As is shown in Figure 1″ or “Table X shows. . .”) For more information see the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. [MO1.1, MO1.2, MO1.3]?

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