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AS Description: Choose an entry-level job or internship in your field for this assignment. Create a targeted, fully-formatted Resume using Microsoft Word. Include the following sections: Header, Objective, Education, Work/Professional Experience, Skills. The following sections are options: Volunteer Experience, Awards/Certifications. Use bullet points for all responsibilities described. Create a Cover Letter to pair with your resume. Choose information from your resume to elaborate on in your cover letter. Include the following in your cover letter: Sender’s address, date, receiver’s address, salutation, opening paragraph, body paragraphs (2-4), closing paragraph, sign off, and block signature.

AS Instructions: Create both documents in Microsoft Word. You may use pre-made templates in Microsoft Word, or manually create your own. Templates and formatting should be consistent. Submit the job description in an additional document with your resume and cover letter. The total amount of documents for this submission is 3: the job description, the targeted resume, and the targeted cover letter.

add ons:

lets say the job describtion is a target for a Social Worker . 

resume and cover letter is for a recent college grad with a BA in Psychology seeking to find an entry level job in the Social work field

example job description:

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