Select one film from the list and answer the 3 goethe “critic’s


Select one film from those we watched in class this semester and answer the 3 Goethe “critic’s questions” about that film: 

a) What was the artist (the director) trying to do? (make sure you talk about BOTH form–cinematography, mise en scene, lighting, color usage, sound usage, camera angle, etc.– and content–theme, plot, impact, etc.) 

b) Did s/he (and their collaborating artists) succeed in doing what s/he intended to do? Explain why they did or didn’t succeed.

c) Was it worth doing in the first place? Why or why not? (think social implications to the US and internationally, how many times has that story been told before, what artistic works mirrored or commented on it, what changes in socio/political thought/action transpired in its wake, etc.) 


GET OUT (2017)

Memento (2000)

The breakfast club 1985

Bonnie and clyde

Some like it hot

The maltese falcon

It happened one night

The great train robbery

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