Social welfare & policy i

Lesson 8 Discussion

On one page, discuss what type of intervention, if any, you would like to work within (Micro, Mezzo, or Macro). 


Lesson 8 Assignment: 

Write an 8-page research paper on one of the following topics.  You must use the APA style of writing which is the American Psychological Style of Writing.  

Your paper must include a title page, an abstract and a reference page. Be sure to cite your sources throughout your paper as well as having a reference page.  

No points or credit will be given to any paper that does not have at least the 8-page requirement met.

Topics Include:

1. Progressives and their movement in the early 1900s.  Compare them to the progressives of today.

2. Write on any three of the early classical sociologists. Their historical beginnings, their philosophies, and their impact on social ideologies within the United States or how their ideologies might apply to social welfare.  Any three means you write on three theorists.  

3. Write a research paper on systems theory or functionalism and your views of it.

4. Write a research paper on conflict theory and your views of it.

5. A paper on how the economy affects the welfare system.

6. A historical analysis of Mary Richmond and her influence on social welfare.

Resources Read Chapter Ten: Application of Welfare Policy in the attached Textbook

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