Speech 3, inform, or inspire, or entertain


Speak on your approved topic with one General Purpose, Inform, or Inspire, or Entertain. 

Inform, share information about a person, place or thing. Inspire, inspirational or motivational, or Entertain, review or critique a movie, book, or album/CD. 

1. Speak 4-6 minutes, four minutes minimum and six minutes maximum. There are two points deducted for every ten seconds over or under the time limits.  

2. Submit a typed outline (following the examples/template from Chapter 12) through Turnitin, 20 points.   

3. Use a PowerPoint, Prezi, or Slide presentation. 4. Use oral footnotes, (cite/say a minimum of two credible sources, in the introduction is preferred, and/or in the body of the speech to give credibility to a specific piece of information. You can be a source if you have (and cite) your experience or expertise. 5. You must wear semi-professional or topic appropriate clothing.  Speech 115 points possible, Outline 20 points possible. 

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