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Company Strategic Framework Paper due February 5, 2021.

Using the company chosen in Week Two prepare a 800 APA formatted paper that addresses the following:

  • What strategic issues does the company face? 
  • Describe the core competencies, resources, capabilities and activities in the company 
  • How do the five forces in Porter’s model affect the company’s ability to sustain a competitive advantage within the industry the company operates in 

Include at least two references from the textbook and peer-reviewed sources (ADP Library or Google Scholar). A citation that is 40 or more words are to be avoided as they reflect a significant portion of an author’s work being used to write the paper rather than your own originality.  Note Papers are not to be posted as a PDF file.

It is recommended students perform a check for plagiarism using the Plagiarism Check for Students folder.  Once your review is completed submit the paper for grading in the assignment area.