Tech giants should be required to help law enforcement to gain

Paper requirnemnt:  Explore a current debate or controversial issue in the US, California, or Los Angeles.  You may choose any current controversy (subject to approval.)

This is an argumentative paper – be sure you have an argumentative thesis.

Your paper should:

  • answer a narrow question about your topic
  • argue for one side of the issue
  • include counter-argument and refutation
    • You must cite at least 5 sources.  Include a Works Cited page in MLA format.  You may use only ONE direct quotation, and it may not be longer than one sentence.  
    • Your paper should be 1,000-1,500 words / 4-5 pages (not including Works Cited).  You should be able to make your argument concisely in 1,500 words.  
    • Use MLA format.  You will lose points if your paper is improperly formatted.
    • We will be using the plagiarism tool in Canvas to confirm the originality of your work.  Papers not submitted through Canvas will not be graded – you will receive a zero on the assignment. 
    • Assignment deadlines are on the next page.  

Argument style research paper

MLA format

Need body paragraph first before writing the paper ( you can tweak the topic depending on what you write) 

1500 word

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